Electrician in Knoxfield

Here at Ken’s Power House Electrics, we can provide quality domestic and commercial electrical contractors to service your needs in the Knoxfield area. Indeed, our friendly and professional staff are some of the most reliable and sought-after electricians in the Knoxfield area. There is no challenge, either domestically or industrially, that may have been beyond the skills of a previous electrician you may have dealt with, that our team cannot handle.

Our work carries with it a full years’ guarantee for any work completed by an electrician in our employ. We offer this because we are committed to owning the reputation of providing the best electrician Knoxfield can offer its residents. Thus, we stand by the work of all our professionals so you can be confident that when a “Kens Electrician” shows up on your doorstep, the job will be done properly. all work completed by our domestic electricians. Should any job not be to your satisfaction, we will come back and fix any issues. You can be assured that the job will be completed properly.

Should any domestic work that you require need the approval of any local governing bodies, such as councils, we can manage that process for you, so you don’t have to.

To receive the highest standards of quality electrical workmanship contact Ken’s Power House Electrics today on 1300 308 794,

We are proud to offer any one of our premier electrician contractors to service the Knoxfield and south-eastern areas of Melbourne should you require them.

Domestic Electrical Contractors in Knoxfield

Our contractors represent the calibre of electrician Knoxfield should provide for its residents. Our contractors are the most reliable domestic electricians Melbourne has within its municipality and we proudly service the south-eastern suburbs. There is no challenge our team will not take on. If you need a professional electrician, contact Ken’s today!

Residential,(and Commercial) dwellings are complicated electrical eco-systems, and many things can go wrong if they are not kept in good working order. Electrical fires, short circuits, shocks or even electrical burns are a real risk from faulty wiring, appliances or installations. We are qualified to assess, correctly diagnose and solve these sorts of issues so you have the peace of mind that your home or business is safe. We back that with our one-year guarantee. Why take the risk with your possessions or family? Call a Kens Electrician today.

You can entrust your domestic electrical needs to our knowledgeable technicians and be confident in the results. Whenever you face any electrical trouble in your house, feel free to call us anytime between 7am – 7pm